Grinding Down to Build Up

P1030025This is what our hanging locker looked like when we first laid eyes on the Alberg.  We took the wood chips out and soon found out why they were there – that tank back there is a diesel tank for the heater and my goodness did it ever smell up the whole locker!  As you know from a previous post Erin and I decided to put the heater in storage and I took the tank out.

DSC_4573The shelving was soaked in diesel and smelled as well.  We didn’t like it aesthetically or structurally so we ripped both of them out.  As you can see that left me with quite the mess!  The shelves were fiberglassed in place and while the wood broke up with a sledgehammer, the fiberglass was not going anywhere.  I finally got around to getting out the trusty angle grinder and went to work!  We cut off both flanges and then I ground them down with several inches of grinding on both the top and bottom to allow for the new fiberglass.


I’m a fiberglass ghost!

P1030958 2In the diagram to the left you can see my thoughts for the new shelves.  I am keeping the same configuration for the top two and adding one more below.  Without the tank this will add considerable storage space.  I drew in the location of our new chainplates to give you an idea of the structural loads that this area of the boat sustains.  I am going to tie in the upper shelf to both the chainplate knee and the main structural bulkheads to the right and left.  Previously the underside of all the shelves was left bare but I am going to fiberglass in the bottoms and tops of the shelves to tie the upward pulling loads down through the hull.  Is this all overkill?  Maybe.  But the more the load is distributed the less any one point is stressed and the stronger the structure.   Anyhow, it bothers me that the chainplate knees are cut off at the bottom, so were going to make it better!

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