Contortion Painting


Sunday was a busy day on the boat!  Erin did a ton of painting and decided to tackle the galley lockers.  All of the paint that had previously been applied was chipping off and looked quite nasty.  She scraped all this away, sanded down all the surfaces, and then applied the first coat of alkyd enamel paint.  Putting it like that makes it sound easy but this was no easy task at all!  She spent the better half of the day upside down and in contortions reaching minute crevices to scrape and sand down.  She did an excellent job of course and our galley is looking quite nice!  I should mention, it was 100 degrees yesterday according to our on-board thermometer and poor Erin had to wear long pants, a long sleeved shirt, gloves, and a mask because I was busy grinding fiberglass and making a huge toxic mess!  Though I guess its good she was wearing the gear for the painting project as well.


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