Work in Progress: The Head


One of the aesthetic items that we recognized right off was the state of the main bulkhead in the head.  (For the non-sailors, we call the bathroom or wash closet on a boat “The Head.”)  Not only was it stained but this is the smallest space on the boat and we wanted to brighten it up a bit.  We decided to paint it with a white alkyd enamel paint and instal a large acrylic mirror.


To prepare the bulkhead I removed all the hangers, wires, and miscellaneous things attached to it and sanded it down.  After sanding I applied a primer – its debatable whether this is needed but being on a boat we are already in a moist environment but the head is probably the most humid and wet place so I wanted to make 100% sure of a good bond between the paint and wood.  Also, coming from an art background I could just not get my head around painting on an un-primed surface with an oil based paint, I just couldn’t do it.

After priming and applying four coats of the alkyd enamel we are almost there!  Now to just clean up the rest of the head!


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