Tanks Pt III: Diesel Tank Reinstalled!!


The diesel tank has been out and very much in the way for a couple weeks now.  Yesterday Erin finally tackled the last bits of cleaning that needed to happen before we could reinstall the tank.   It is extremely important for the inside of the tank to be spotless.  If any contaminates are left and the fuel supply is infected we could have serious engine problems down the road.  Ideally we would have made or purchased a whole new tank but we couldn’t afford that.  Luckily for us the tank was not corroded at all on the inside and only had superficial pitting on the outside.

Before and After:

P1030511 DSC_4612

After I took this picture Erin went back and cleaned up all the corners along the welds to make sure it was 100% clean.  Either way this was a huge job and we are so happy its over!!

The best part about it – No more huge tank taking up space in the saloon!!


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