Tanks Pt II: The Holding Tank

I left this tank for last, handling raw sewage is not my idea of a good time.

P1030855I took the hoses off of the inspection plate first.  I wanted to see if I got hit with a deadly stench.  Not to bad, some clear water actually came out of these hoses.  I took the inspection plate off next ( a job in itself! ) and found the tank FULL like all the other tanks have been full!  Luckily for me most of it was water that seemed to have either siphoned or drained in from a loose deck fitting or something.  I’ll have to find and fix that problem later.


Once I pumped out the water I was left with a manageable amount of sewage.  I’m not even sure what that means as I write it!!! But lets just say I felt like I could handle this job – something I was not so sure about in the beginning!


Then I had to get this massive tank out!  I kept telling myself that I will appreciate the size of the tank one day.  It JUST fit through the companionway, something I was ever so thankful for.  I could not imagine leaving this guy inside the boat as I have had to do with the diesel tank.


And over she goes! Capn’ Fatty Goodlander wrote about a grappling hook that they have on board and always find a use for.  So of course I bought one – just like everything Fatty recommends.  Today was the first day that I used it and it worked perfectly! I still have to properly dispose of the little bit of sewage that is in there, but for today I felt like a hero just getting it out of the boat!

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