Tool of the Week: DeWalt Orbital Sander


This weeks tool I also consider indispensable.  The DeWalt 5 inch Random Orbit Sander is a bullet proof tool that can be used for various projects.  Growing up I used this sander on a daily basis to sand wood frames that I built for stretching canvas to paint on.  That same DeWalt from my teenage years now resides on my fathers boat because he considered it indispensable as well.   That said, I wasn’t too upset having to buy my own since they are only about $60 on

In my younger days I would completely re-shape wood with this sander but on a boat it is great for sanding down the bottom or prepping surfaces to be painted.  The cloth dust bag grabs a good amount of the dust, though as you can see in the picture it can’t get it all.  However, if you take the dust bag off you can plug up your wet or dry shop vac directly to the sander!  Some boatyards actually require this when sanding down bottom paint.   This function ensures that much more of the debris is collected which can be a blessing inside the boat as well.

This is a tool that I have done a lot of research on and while an old style “square” 5 inch sander is great I feel that the DeWalt orbital is a more versatile tool and worth the extra couple bucks to buy its hook and loop paper.

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