Saloon Cabinetry

So here is what the saloon looked like when we got the boat (Picture 1) and what it looked like 15 years ago (Picture 2)


The goal is to restore everything to its former beauty and then some!  But first we have to strip it all down, sand away the old peeling paint, and clean it up.


Erin did an awesome job knocking down all the old cracked paint.  She used an orbital sander, an oscillating multi-tool with a sanding tip, and a good old block of sandpaper.


After she vacuumed it all up I quickly realized we were going to have to go a little deeper.  Not only did we need to sand more down but I had to get to the chainplate seen in the upper right hand corner.

Erin carefully removed the doors that were hinged in place and I very carefully removed the cabinetwork.

After a little cleaning we are 90% ready to paint.  I still want to sand some more and will dewax the fiberglass with acetone before applying the alkyd enamel paint.


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