Tool of the Week

Once a week I will try to post a tool that I find useful.  Some of these tools I have researched extensively and really feel they are the best option – I will say so, because others are simply the cheapest option and I will let you know when that is the case as well.  I will try to remember to put in the prices of each and when applicable the vendor.  I am in no way supported by any of these companies (I wish!) so its just my humble opinion.  I’m sure others have their favorite tools and that is awesome as well 🙂


This is a small DeWalt Shop Vac and it is absolutely indispensable! As you know we have quite a bit of cleaning up to do but we are also making more messes as we go along.  This shop vac takes care of it all!  It will suck up water filled with floating debris without getting clogged up, it knocks out dust like it was air, and it even sucked up about 10 pounds (4.5Kg) of rust out of the chain locker.  We clean anything and everything with it.  We also have a large traditional shop vac that is a beast but it is honestly too big for the boat, the great thing about the DeWalt is that it is compact and lightweight.  It cost around $100 and is worth every penny.

One thought on “Tool of the Week

  1. That’s a great little vacuum cleaner, I use it all the time around the shop, the problem is that the battery doesn’t have much of a life, but its a great little workhorse when its pulling in 120v, especially when you have to get in tight spots.

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