Demo Time!

How do you like my makeshift ear protection?


This is our wonderfully large hanging locker that also houses the small diesel tank for the Newport by Dickinson heater.  Yesterday Erin and I decided that we would rather have the space than the heat.  Our cruising itinerary is 98% in the tropics and while we both absolutely adore the beautiful heater, we probably wont use it much.  But this doesn’t really give you all the juicy details of why the subject even came up yesterday!  Half of the hanging locker was nicely covered in diesel, soaked up by the teak bulkhead and shelves, and emulsified into every possible horizontal surface.  Maybe in the cold Canadian winters its OK to smell like diesel all the time but alas – we ain’t down with that!  Out with the tank! Out with the shelves! Out with the heater!

DSC_4572 DSC_4573 DSC_4576

The bulkhead that the heater was attached to will be replaced.  Not only is the bulkhead soaked in diesel, stained by the fire plate that has been bolted to it for 30 years, but the chainplate for the starboard shroud was also leaking down into it.  I am very thankful it is small enough to fit through the companionway!  The new one will be cut to size and tabbed in place.  I also plan to upgrade the chainplate knees and redesign the shelving to optimize our newly found space!

The chimney will be turned into a beautiful new dorade box!  Now this I am super excited about!

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