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I want to be very clear upfront: there is nothing compared to experience.  Real life, actual experience is the best teacher.  That said, you don’t always have to learn things the hard way!

One of the best way to learn from others experience and mistakes is by READING one of those old fashioned things called books. I love to read and have, so far, read the books in the picture above from cover to cover with the exception of “Bowditch” which I have only skimmed.   Erin has also read most of these books and we find them to be invaluable.  Every single one of them has taught me something very important.

The books range from memoirs of sailors to technical manuals, some are entertaining, some are so technical it takes some real determination to read the whole thing.  Every single one is important to us though.  I won’t review them all here but I will recommend a few:

First and foremost: Cap’n Fatty Goodlander’s books are some of the best, most entertaining and enlightening books I’ve ever read (and I’ve read a lot of books!).  I bought and have read all of them and love all of them but I will tell you his book “Buy, Outfit, and Sail” changed my life.

If you are going to maintain or work on your own boat, “This Old Boat” by Don Casey is amazing!

If you want to get technical, “The Voyagers Handbook” by Beth Leonard is very detailed and informative.

Lastly, I found all of Bernard Moitessier’s writings to be inspiring.

I have left out a lot of work that has deeply effected me so please click on the image above to view the high res version and take a look for yourself! There are some great treasures to be found in these books!

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